3 Jul 2013

And back in the room...

Sooo long time no see, and here we are meeting again. Finally. 

I hadn't really been inspired and had been lacking inspiration, probably suppressed under the immense amount of wonderful AS level revision, don't you just love it? I had been keeping and eye on things on here, but today realization dawned on me that i'm not really feeling the current direction. When reviewing previous post i feel they're a bit 'meh' and we need more a bit more 'ahh', if you get my drift. I'd like to change things up a bit, mix things around so everything is a bit less regimental, more chaotic and creative - yet organised, how i'd like to describe myself. Can't always be so slick, let loose and go wild, having fun because fashion is the art we wear everyday, the platform of personal expression.... getting deep now.

From now on, even if things may not be looking as dissimilar, i'll be looking at things with fresh eyes so hopefully a subconsciously new visual insight.

Now this is here you have my word for it.For real.