12 Mar 2014

Spring Pastels


spring by caitlinbanton featuring a zara jacket

So it's happened again, the sun has conjured it's magic and with one glorious ray - even just that one - in Britain it's official spring has arrived. The impromptu appearance of this sudden 'summer' causes the same annual reaction across England,the sandals are dusted off and the majority of the male population believes it to be necessary to go shirtless and crack open the barbecue; seemingly regardless to the fact it may just be merely creeping above 10 degrees Celsius outside. But none the less, the hint of a breeze and a dash of vitamin D to the skin has got me putting a spring in my step and wanting to search for the elusive 'perfect' heeled summer cut outs, it has called for a wardrobe regeneration as i'm thinking all things spring. The current pastel styles have got me desiring to look all lady-like and pristine, wafting around in pretty pleated skirts and professional in pencils skirt (even if maybe juxtaposed by the odd bit of leather and pvc).I have been lusting over on polyvore of all the items that would be all so welcome in my wardrobe right now, transitionally moving from the grungy all black every thang of winter. One thing i'm not too keen to let go of is the roll neck jumper, maybe if in a nice pastel could I justify it as spring attire too? We have definitely had a long lasting love affair this winter so far and I'm not wanting it end anytime soon. But, with spring being a time for change we have to welcome the new also and I'm sure this beautiful leather Fendi skirt will be welcomed into my wardrobe with open arms, even if rejected by my purse, but we all can dream...