5 Apr 2013

Spring Brights


brights by caitlinbanton featuring topshop bags


The other day I thought I'd have a little go at dipping my toe into the world of polyvore after lusting after so many beautiful clothes and exciting spring trends. I was new to it all, so everything is just a bit experimental and thrown together- not a pro yet. After initially being rather overwhelmed and at a bit of a mental block after seeing the vast amount of items available to choose from, and my indecisive nature making it extremely difficult to choose what I liked best, I chose to focus on what seems to be the most inciting spring trend to me: brights. Im not really one to shy away from the out there colours and the fusion and collaboration of all the bright shades just seems so optimistic and happy, when wearing even just a splash of bright colour it makes you just want to smile and go around dancing to a summer tune (which I think a the moment my summer song is definitely Chocolate by The 1975, it's amazing) even in this lovely, snowy april weather. I think this summer, for me, is going to be all about either full on colour or a mixture of blocked brights, including a lot of whites (impractical but beautiful!!) and maybe a few metallics (those obviously being very loud too, why not just go for it?).

All of this makes me want this cold to finally disappear and the sun to rear it's head - come on summer 2013, we need you, you're going to be a good one!!

2 Apr 2013

One Direction O2 Arena ahhhh!!


So yesterday I travelled all the way up to London to the O2 arena, singing all the way to see the biggest boyband in the world - yes, my biggest (un)guilty pleasure One Direction for their Take Me Home tour. I don't think I have ever screamed so much in my life, you just get overwhelmed by the crowds and have to join in, I was definitely much worse the I heart Naill tattooed 6 year old sat next to me.

Once I had regained control over my One Direction Infection when the band came onto the stage, the show was incredible, even from way up in the gods where I was sat in block 418. You could see the band was obviously enjoying themselves, including audience twitter participation and the stage dismantling and flying the boys across the crowd. The pictures I took aren't all too clear as my camera was on maximum zoom as the O2 is a big place, and I was probably jumping around too much. I think whilst I was there I clearly expressed my love for the band, singing every lyric, even for the albums tracks when the rest of my block had sat down. I was just having a one- man party on my own, you have to take full advantage of the environment where that is acceptable!! After last night, I believe I am fully qualified for a role in One Direction, so if a position becomes available I will be first to apply (as if, in my dreams).

This wasn't my first One Direction show, I saw them back in 2011 at the Radio 1 Teen Awards, back in their chino days - which is where the last photo is from. Where I was a mere 5 metres away,if only the same yesterday. 

Sooooo, now you are probably aware that I am a fully fledged unashamed Directioner, but I will stop waffling on (although I could go on forever) and become normal again. Overall, it was an amazing show, the singing, the jumping, the flying, the production - basically the everything. Directioner, fan or whatever or not, I challenge you to go to the Take Me Home tour and not have a good time!