WHO: We are Caitlin and Alyna. We are both interested in fashion, wanting to pursue careers in the fashion industry in the future.

WHAT: The blog intended to be a channel for our creativity and thoughts fashion, lifestyle and just general chit chat wise, also hoping for it to be a way gain inspiration and maybe give us some type of hobby – just chatting and ramblings of cats probably.

WHERE: We both live in the south of England and our studying A levels at college, we live in a relatively large city but still the future our sights are firmly set on bigger things, London maybe?

WHEN: This blog was originally the subject of many conversations for months and after rigorous but fairly disorganized planning, 2013 we came to conceiving Coffee, Cats and Pointless Chats.

WHY: The reason for creating this blog, as kind of afore mentioned, is to allow us to vent our ideas/thoughts/ creativity and channel it artistically and creatively into a product to provide inspiration.