30 Mar 2013

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks





So recently it seems I have developed a thing for bold lips and in particular lipsticks. It all started in about September and kind of coincided with when Kate Moss launched her Matte Lipstick range for Rimmel. I was intrigued by them as I really wanted a some lip colours that would be bold, but not wanting them to be too over the top with shine as it was my first real foray into the world of bold lips, so the matte texture intrigued me. Also, the Kate Moss Rimmel ranges always seem to have a buzz around them,I was curious to have a try. So at their reasonable price tag a took the plunge and purchased, firstly the shades 101 (a dusky pink colour) and 107 (a dark almost plum red). I really liked them both, with them being matte lipsticks I had thought maybe they could be drying but the consistency was nice and creamy and they seem to last a fair few hours before having to be reapplied, I wasn't too mad about the taste - but your not really meant to be eating them. 

Over time, on my many a trip to the drug store it seems I have nearly acquired the whole collection (there's another more nude type colour, that didn't really seem me) and nearly seven months i'm still very impressed, as you can probably see they are well loved and I would definitely repurchase.

I would say out of all the shades, my favourite has to be shade 110 which is a coral/orange colour, it's very bright and bold - perfect for spring. The picture above doesn't do it justice conveying the brightness - it packs a punch!!

What's your favourite colour? Have you tried the Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks, what do you think?

28 Mar 2013

Let's take a birthday trip to Bath.

Alyna:    (Coat - Dorothy Perkins, Trouser-  New Look, Crop Top- Topshop, Shoes - Office)
 Katie:    (Denim Jacket- Urban Outfitters, Skirt- Topshop, Shoes- Office, Top- Primark, Necklace - Topshop)


Hey guys, I should probably start by saying sorry for not posting in a while and I promise to post more frequently but the last week has been so busy. I've been revising for my upcoming exams which I am dreading about so wish me good luck. Also it's been my final week of being 16!! I am officially 17... the big one seven and I feel slightly more matured but of course I still have the occasional day where me and Caitlin dance to One Direction in my room with my mini strobe light. Everyone does it. 

I wanted to do something different for my 17th and explore this tiny island of Britain by having a day trip to Bath Spa. Bath is a beautiful city , surrounded  by traditional architectural buildings influenced by the 1900s structure. Me and Katie managed to visit a lot of small, hidden boutiques which I thought were beautiful. We found a vintage shop which was dedicated to designer labels so i was able to touch real Chanel embellished clothing and accessories. Since it was my birthday, I thought I would visit the sweet shop and buy a huge amount of sweets ... big mistake, I had the biggest sugar rush that lasted for an hour before I had my Nandos. Later during the day, we visited this cute coffee shop which had classic furniture through out the shop. The overall day was brilliant, I brought some neon earrings, high waisted skinny jeans, a baby blue satchel and gold chain necklace. To make life that bit better, I received Tom Odell concert tickets from Katie and Jake Bugg tickets from Caitlin. As you can probably guess from photos, Caitlin wasn't with us since she was working so the trip wasn't the same. 

I decided to wear my checkered print trousers to express the monochromatic trend  I wore my black crop top to compliment the contrasted trousers to help illustrate the focal point of the outfit. 

18 Mar 2013

Taking pictures of you, as the light came through

(Coat -Dorothy Perkins, Trousers -Urban Outfitters)


 Well, the weather has actually been slowly improving... you can see we're not getting blown away by the wind, but it still is bloody freezing. I am so sick of this cold weather, don't get me wrong I love layering up clothing as gives a overall quirky look to a casual outfit, but I NEED some sun in my life. Going against the monochromatic trend, I thought I would add subtle uses of warm colours in my outfit with my high waisted green flared trousers and maroon fur coat - to compliment each other while wearing my black crop top which revealed a small amount of skin. 

(Jacket - Zara,  Shoes  -Next)


The sun in the mornings actually gives me some motivation to get up, although the piling amount of college work makes me want lay there for ever... ahhh.  As simple as it is, I actually quite like this outfit. The white shirt and black jeans and jacket give a nod to the monochrome trend - and well, I can't have an outfit without some sort of scarf!! I like all the red shades that have come together, the nails, the tartan and my developing obsession with lipstick. The sun was shining in the photos, but I can assure you it was still very, very cold. However, is this an excuse for a new summer wardrobe?!

Caitlin & Alyna.

17 Mar 2013

Let's introduce a family member

            (Panel hat- route one, Shirt- vintage store, Jacket- charity shop, Jeans- H&M, Trainers- Size)


I think an introduction is in order... this is my little brother (Jacob), he is 14 years of age and I hate to admit it, but is actually really well dressed (definitely better dressed than I was at that age). So, I thought I could have an occasional blog post dedicated to him . Although he seems extremely cute in the photos, don't be fooled!! He can be extremely annoying.

Hey internet. uhm I'm not really good at this blog stuff but my sister forced me to write this and do a mini photo shoot... that's probably why I look a bit awkward in the photos. When putting an outfit together, i just pick whats clean so my outfits tend to clash with different uses of print and texture. Today i am wearing my newly brought corded shirt with my Levi denim jacket which were both brought from a charity shop. To add colour, I wore my printed panel hat and tied- dyed jeans. Uhmm I don't know what else to put so bye.