17 Mar 2013

Let's introduce a family member

            (Panel hat- route one, Shirt- vintage store, Jacket- charity shop, Jeans- H&M, Trainers- Size)


I think an introduction is in order... this is my little brother (Jacob), he is 14 years of age and I hate to admit it, but is actually really well dressed (definitely better dressed than I was at that age). So, I thought I could have an occasional blog post dedicated to him . Although he seems extremely cute in the photos, don't be fooled!! He can be extremely annoying.

Hey internet. uhm I'm not really good at this blog stuff but my sister forced me to write this and do a mini photo shoot... that's probably why I look a bit awkward in the photos. When putting an outfit together, i just pick whats clean so my outfits tend to clash with different uses of print and texture. Today i am wearing my newly brought corded shirt with my Levi denim jacket which were both brought from a charity shop. To add colour, I wore my printed panel hat and tied- dyed jeans. Uhmm I don't know what else to put so bye.