18 Mar 2013

Taking pictures of you, as the light came through

(Coat -Dorothy Perkins, Trousers -Urban Outfitters)


 Well, the weather has actually been slowly improving... you can see we're not getting blown away by the wind, but it still is bloody freezing. I am so sick of this cold weather, don't get me wrong I love layering up clothing as gives a overall quirky look to a casual outfit, but I NEED some sun in my life. Going against the monochromatic trend, I thought I would add subtle uses of warm colours in my outfit with my high waisted green flared trousers and maroon fur coat - to compliment each other while wearing my black crop top which revealed a small amount of skin. 

(Jacket - Zara,  Shoes  -Next)


The sun in the mornings actually gives me some motivation to get up, although the piling amount of college work makes me want lay there for ever... ahhh.  As simple as it is, I actually quite like this outfit. The white shirt and black jeans and jacket give a nod to the monochrome trend - and well, I can't have an outfit without some sort of scarf!! I like all the red shades that have come together, the nails, the tartan and my developing obsession with lipstick. The sun was shining in the photos, but I can assure you it was still very, very cold. However, is this an excuse for a new summer wardrobe?!

Caitlin & Alyna.


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  5. wonderful look. i love your glasses and the bun too,
    suits you so well.
    maren anita

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