27 Feb 2013

i've seen it all, now

Jake Bugg just chillin'.
Alyna kindly photobombing.

Attempting to not look awkward ... and failing.

Sooo, we went to see Jake Bugg yesterday and honestly he was amazing, his voice sounds (if possible) even better live. We stood amazed as he managed to whack out a new guitar at each song, and when playing (according to Alyna) he has 'wizard fingers' as his guitar skills are just... wow. He's so talented, if I performed like him at 18/19 I would be very happy and would never stop or ever shut up.

It was an easy day for us, 1 lesson at college then hanging about town and eating nandos. We saw the gig at southampton guildhall, and managed to get a very nice spot at the front - securing a good view and actual eye contact from Jake and his support act, Hudson Taylor (the new musical obsession).

So yeah, basically he was amazing and now we're very excited to be seeing him at Reading woo!! 

Caitlin & Alyna.

26 Feb 2013

she's rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock

 Top & Playsuit -Topshop, Boots & Necklace -New Look

A quick chat today, places to be. My outfit is rather inappropriate for the current weather, it was absolutely freezing taking these photos!! I'm wearing a playsuit that I had much deliberation over when buying but im glad as i really like it now, especially the whole pinafore thing (yes i know, shorts in winter= crazy). It all very monochrome with the neon splashes adding a bit of colour.

Dress,Coat,Gloves -New Look, Boots -Office, Necklace -Topshop

Today was an extremely cold day and I decided to wear an midi dress, why you may ask? Well, because I'm seeing Jake freaking Bugg later for which this will be appropriate and I won't be too hot. I decided to wear my statement gold necklace to create a focal point for my outfit, with the contrast colours draw attention to the upper body. To finish this all off I wore a classic camel coat and leather studded gloves to give a modern gothic look to a classic style outfit.

Caitlin & Alyna.

25 Feb 2013

since I last saw you I fell down the rabbit hole

Jumper -Primark, Necklace -River Island, Jacket -Zara, Jeans -New Look, Shoes -Next

Today was that horrible day,the one where you have to set the alarm in the morning again and wake up even before the birds,then to drag yourself pretty much totally asleep through the cold to endure an exciting full day of lessons. Yay! 
The stupid time I woke up and my lack of motivation for what lay during the day ahead, I ended up in this outfit, looking very... casual.And random. 
It wasn't until we took the photos that I realised I looked like some american kindergartener, I could blend in very well with the cast of Matilda probably - pigtails and then i'm sorted (and if I was about 3ft shorter). The american mom style jeans (or boyfriend jeans)and shoes that I was told by my sister 'look like what I used to wear to school when I was 5' (though the cutesy-ness is toughed by the studs, couldn't wear them in year R).Today I was even told i looked cute.Wow, a first. I'm wearing just a black jumper,the check scarf was to add a bit of colour as well as preventing against the extreme cold. Summer needs to come soon!
Despite all that I actually quite like this outfit, I don't really know why.

It's probably the early morning as to why I look so unimpressed, also I just thought i'd say brightening up the atmosphere of the pictures is the wonderfully inspiring, artistic background courtesy of our lovely college. Isn't it just so happy! Well, anyway it does the trick.

Off to think happier thoughts and prepare for an exciting day tomorrow!! 

Coat -Dorothy Perkins, Jumper -Vintage, Jeans - Primark,  Boots -Office

So first day back to college after having a pretty lazy half term and i must admit , i was not looking forward to getting up at 6:30 so today i was going for more a simple  yet elegant look.

 I decided to wear my vintage knitted  jumper with my black skinny jeans with my light maroon camel coat and black faux fur to achieve a feminine look and create a visual texture.

Caitlin & Alyna

22 Feb 2013

London Fashion Week

style scrapbook

What Olivia Did


Last Friday we had a little adventure, we both headed bright and early to the big city for initially what we had planned as a day of messing around unashamedly being tourists. 

I love London, the buzz of the city, how fast paced it is and how beautiful and fashion-y all the people seem to be. Being pro tube travellers we eventually navigated our way to all the sites thanks (a lot) to google maps - fighting the swarms of people on oxford street, visiting Carnaby Street, being lost by radio 1, getting chased by a street performer in Covent Garden and stuffing ourselves with Nando's (that counts as a site, right?). In the afternoon, we wound up on South bank and visited a VERY unflattering Photo Booth (those pictures will never be seen, however they are very funny) before deciding to take a look at Somerset House. We went there with the impression that London Fashion Week was beginning on Monday for some reason, but just thought we'd see what was hip and happening anyways.

Then we kind of stumbled across London Fashion Week. It took the the massive signs with the date on for it to all finally click, that it had started that day and that was the reason why it was so busy. Then we got excited. Actual fashion week ahahhhaahasdf!!

Somerset house was buzzing, so many amazingly dressed people looking all professional and scarily fashion-y. The photos above are of a few very well dressed street stylers/bloggers that we got chatting to - the lighting in the pictures isn't fantastic, with the wonderful british winters it becomes dark at 5 (yay) which is not the best for outfit photography. But in compensation, doesn't Somerset House look pretty all lit up!.I'd say for both of us, seeing how exciting just the outside of the shows was and talking to people definitely makes us more in awe of the whole fashion industry thang, and want to work hard for just a little taste or to even be the tiniest part of it.

I've waffled a bit but, basically thats it, our day in (quite a long) nutshell.

Caitlin & Alyna.

21 Feb 2013

it's another pure grey morning

(Top, Trousers and Necklace -New Look, Blazer -Urban Outfitters, Kimono -Primark)

 Today was a strange day, the weather was really sunny yet so so cold, as if it couldn’t make it’s mind up. Rather like us, who managed to while away the hours doing pretty much nothing.

I’m dressed quite contradicting. It highlights my indecisiveness, as I couldn’t decide what was appropriate. The floral and the neon seem all optimistic and spring-like but however, I paired it with very autumnal dark colours of the burgundy blazer with the check scarf.
And, oh yeah, I have leather legs. I have established a rather love/hate relationship with these trousers with as (umm) lovely as they may look, they are a pain to wear, annoying me never-endingly. But you have to suffer for style, sometimes.

(Top -Topshop, Coat -New Look, Trousers -Urban Outfitters, Shoes -Office)

Today I decided to go for a retro look with the 70s style flare green trousers - which is usual for me since I live in black skinny jeans, since you can't go wrong with them. But purchasing these new trousers was definitely a good decision! To compliment the hint of green in the outfit, I wore Rimmel 107 from the kate moss collection. The basic crop top from Topshop put a modern twist on the overlook retro look. Continuing with the 70’s theme, I emulated the glamour with fur-collared coat from new look, the fur adding texture and detail  -I don't tend to have many accessories to compliment my outfit but recently I've been obsessing over silver rings as you can probably tell in the photos above.

Caitlin & Alyna.