27 Feb 2013

i've seen it all, now

Jake Bugg just chillin'.
Alyna kindly photobombing.

Attempting to not look awkward ... and failing.

Sooo, we went to see Jake Bugg yesterday and honestly he was amazing, his voice sounds (if possible) even better live. We stood amazed as he managed to whack out a new guitar at each song, and when playing (according to Alyna) he has 'wizard fingers' as his guitar skills are just... wow. He's so talented, if I performed like him at 18/19 I would be very happy and would never stop or ever shut up.

It was an easy day for us, 1 lesson at college then hanging about town and eating nandos. We saw the gig at southampton guildhall, and managed to get a very nice spot at the front - securing a good view and actual eye contact from Jake and his support act, Hudson Taylor (the new musical obsession).

So yeah, basically he was amazing and now we're very excited to be seeing him at Reading woo!! 

Caitlin & Alyna.

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