21 Feb 2013

it's another pure grey morning

(Top, Trousers and Necklace -New Look, Blazer -Urban Outfitters, Kimono -Primark)

 Today was a strange day, the weather was really sunny yet so so cold, as if it couldn’t make it’s mind up. Rather like us, who managed to while away the hours doing pretty much nothing.

I’m dressed quite contradicting. It highlights my indecisiveness, as I couldn’t decide what was appropriate. The floral and the neon seem all optimistic and spring-like but however, I paired it with very autumnal dark colours of the burgundy blazer with the check scarf.
And, oh yeah, I have leather legs. I have established a rather love/hate relationship with these trousers with as (umm) lovely as they may look, they are a pain to wear, annoying me never-endingly. But you have to suffer for style, sometimes.

(Top -Topshop, Coat -New Look, Trousers -Urban Outfitters, Shoes -Office)

Today I decided to go for a retro look with the 70s style flare green trousers - which is usual for me since I live in black skinny jeans, since you can't go wrong with them. But purchasing these new trousers was definitely a good decision! To compliment the hint of green in the outfit, I wore Rimmel 107 from the kate moss collection. The basic crop top from Topshop put a modern twist on the overlook retro look. Continuing with the 70’s theme, I emulated the glamour with fur-collared coat from new look, the fur adding texture and detail  -I don't tend to have many accessories to compliment my outfit but recently I've been obsessing over silver rings as you can probably tell in the photos above.

Caitlin & Alyna.

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