21 Feb 2013


First things first: introductions, this is a first attempt at blogging so lets start at the very slowly and carefully, it could probably end in utter chaos but lets give this a go…And a very big welcome to Coffee, Cats and Pointless Chats and its very first post.

To start with lets establish things with the 5 big W’s, getting everything out into the open:

WHO: We are Caitlin and Alyna. We are both very interested in fashion, wanting to pursue careers in the fashion industry in the future.
WHAT: The blog intended to be a channel for our creativity and thoughts fashion, lifestyle and just general chit chat wise, also hoping for it to be a way gain inspiration and maybe give us some type of hobby – just chatting and ramblings of cats probably.
WHERE: We both live in the south of England and our studying A levels at college, we live in a relatively large city but still the future our sights are firmly set on bigger things, London maybe?
WHEN: This blog was originally the subject of many conversations for months and after rigorous but fairly disorganized planning, we came to conceiving this beauty, the time seemed right now after a lot of persuasion from Alyna’s behalf to me (Caitlin) and with the next step in our lives just happening of heading to college, the opportunity was open to have a go.
WHY: The reason for creating this blog, as kind of a fore mentioned, is to allow us to vent our ideas/thoughts/ creativity and channel it artistically and creatively into a product to provide inspiration. We are both artistic and take those sorts of subjects at college, and sharing our thoughts and ideas would be very beneficial to received feedback and other inspiration – which soon we will need with the amount of work we have to do!

and for the first time,


Caitlin & Alyna. 

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