22 Feb 2013

London Fashion Week

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Last Friday we had a little adventure, we both headed bright and early to the big city for initially what we had planned as a day of messing around unashamedly being tourists. 

I love London, the buzz of the city, how fast paced it is and how beautiful and fashion-y all the people seem to be. Being pro tube travellers we eventually navigated our way to all the sites thanks (a lot) to google maps - fighting the swarms of people on oxford street, visiting Carnaby Street, being lost by radio 1, getting chased by a street performer in Covent Garden and stuffing ourselves with Nando's (that counts as a site, right?). In the afternoon, we wound up on South bank and visited a VERY unflattering Photo Booth (those pictures will never be seen, however they are very funny) before deciding to take a look at Somerset House. We went there with the impression that London Fashion Week was beginning on Monday for some reason, but just thought we'd see what was hip and happening anyways.

Then we kind of stumbled across London Fashion Week. It took the the massive signs with the date on for it to all finally click, that it had started that day and that was the reason why it was so busy. Then we got excited. Actual fashion week ahahhhaahasdf!!

Somerset house was buzzing, so many amazingly dressed people looking all professional and scarily fashion-y. The photos above are of a few very well dressed street stylers/bloggers that we got chatting to - the lighting in the pictures isn't fantastic, with the wonderful british winters it becomes dark at 5 (yay) which is not the best for outfit photography. But in compensation, doesn't Somerset House look pretty all lit up!.I'd say for both of us, seeing how exciting just the outside of the shows was and talking to people definitely makes us more in awe of the whole fashion industry thang, and want to work hard for just a little taste or to even be the tiniest part of it.

I've waffled a bit but, basically thats it, our day in (quite a long) nutshell.

Caitlin & Alyna.

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