7 Mar 2013

chasing rubies, chasing gold

(Shirt -Primark, Necklace&Boots -New Look, Jacket -Zara, Trousers -River Island)


I promise you that Alyna and I didn't purposely coordinate our outfits - it's not a weekly Tartan Trouser Thursday tradition or anything.

 When i first bought these trousers I thought they were kind of crazy, but now they seem a bit tame - I want some neon! However, I still played it quite safely, just pairing them with a plain shirt and a statement chunky chain. And obviously, i had to through in my fave black studded boots (don't think I could live without them) and relatively unneeded trusty jacket because look, it's sunny!  

(Shirt -Primark, Necklace -Topshop, Coat -Dorothy Perkins, Trousers -New Look, Boots -Office)


Today I decided to wear my furred maroon camel coat with my dark blue checker pattern trousers and gold chained necklace from Topshop. I felt like I should be more colourful when choosing my outfit choice, since i pretty much stick with darks colours which consist of blacks, blacks and more black .... Ohh maybe a hint of red now and then. But this outfit is a slow step forward.

Caitlin & Alyna.


  1. You both dress impeccably! I love both these outfits! Although, I am biased because I have the same RI jeans as Caitlin, can I join in on tartan trouser tuesdays please?!

    E x

  2. Aww thank you! and yeah, let's make tartan trouser thursdays an actual tradition - hopefully it will catch on!! haha :)

  3. Love both outfits! Inspired me to use red more; its still snowing where i live. :/ cant wait for spring.
    Anyways, Caitlin.. Love the necklace!!!
    And Alyna, im lovin em boots! ... And ofc the red coat.


    1. aww thank you !! i could not cope with snow since i'm struggling to survive in this weather. Bring on summer ! x